About Woman's Touch

Woman's Touch is a photo-retouching studio based in Toronto, Canada. It was founded by Sharon Zehavi, a professional Photoshop artist with over 6 years of experience in design, advertising, and marketing.

The studio, which boasts an extensive client base that spans the entire globe, specializes in image manipulation, retouching, restoration and post-production. As a result of its close collaboration with a wide variety of international agencies, Woman’s Touch is responsible for creating the images you see in many of today’s magazines and commercials.



"Working with Woman's Touch has been a great experience.  It is obvious Sharon's retouching talents exceed the average look usually associated with most photographs these days.  What puts Woman's Touch above the rest is her understanding of the business side in the art of photography.  As a photographer, not only do I want quality work done to my photos I am also looking to have my photos returned to me in a timely manner.  Woman's Touch met all my expectations and exceeded a set standard.  The cliché "time is money" is often used in the world of business.  Woman's Touch wasted no time in finishing my photos also to add was very open to ideas I had for my pictures well.  I felt fortunate to have a chance to work with Sharon and plan on working with her in the future and as often as possible."

S.Panda Photography


"Working with Sharon has been such a pleasant experience. She has a very positive and professional attitude towards her works, as well as a solid understanding of my vision and what I want to accomplish through my photography. Her Photoshop techniques for top quality control and keen eye for color are just some of the many traits that really bring out the best in my images. "

International award-winning wedding & portrait photographer in metro Toronto
David Jeng M.A. (WPPI 2006, 2007, 2008 & IPA 2006)


”Sharon from Woman's Touch brings new life to images. Whether or not your photo is splendid to begin with, Sharon has the vision and technical knowledge to find and enhance the beauty of your image. I presented Sharon with a photo from a creative location shoot with Michelle Sheridan. Cranking up the intensity of a dark, brooding locker was not easy, but Sharon was able to bring out the wonderful makeup, beautifully retone the whole image, and bring in an epic movie-poster element that definitely wasn't there to begin with. I loved it so much, I exhibited the photo for a local gallery event."

Chris Chan - Altovenue


"I can send Woman's Touch the most difficult Photoshop assignments and within a short time receive some truly superbly processed images."

Andrew Mann Photography


"It was a delight working with Sharon at Woman´s touch. She is both a skilled photoshopper and also makes valuable suggestions on the projects. Most retouchers I have worked with before, do the work I tell them, but don't come with valuable suggestions to enhance the project as Sharon does. I will definitely use Woman´s touch for future projects."

Thomas Aas - Foks Studio & Gallery AS